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Circular Economy

Who owns the material collected by better.collect, and who covers the pickup costs?

The pickup of the material is free for our customers! Only with their consent does it proceed to collection by Teufelberger.

Collection | Shredding & Compressing

What is the minimum quantity of material collected?

The collection takes place from a minimum quantity of 1 ton. However, we recommend having as much material as possible collected at once to make the process more efficient.

How should I prepare the material for pickup, and what collection or shredding methods does better.collect offer?

The material must be sorted by type (PP or PET) and free from foreign substances. At better.collect, there are two collection/compression methods to choose from:

Option 1: Shredded snippets collected in Big-Bags.
Option 2: Compressed straps collected in bags.

What features help me to tell the difference between PP and PET strapping bands?

In most cases, PET bands are green or black, while PP bands are white or blue. However, there are also colorful PET bands or black PP strapping bands. A simple test to distinguish them is the sink-float test: PET bands sink, while PP bands float on water.

Where can I get the Big-Bags or sacks for collecting the material?

You have two options:
You can use your own Big-Bags that you already have. We are also happy to provide reusable BigBags for the shredded straps free of charge.

We are currently working on also providing suitable sacks for the compressed straps.

Why must the packaging material be sorted by type?

Sorting packaging material by type not only saves money and resources but also significantly facilitates the processing. Material that is collected sorted by type from the outset does not need to be separated later, which is usually more time-consuming and costly. Particularly in the plastics sector, different types of plastics must be collected separately as mixtures can cause problems in the manufacturing process.

Does separating and collecting separately pay off for me?

Bundling loose strapping is laborious, time-consuming, and also uses a lot of storage space — on the other hand, shredding with a chopper or press and sorting into Big-Bags saves money, resources, and space.


How often is the material picked up?

The pickup occurs depending on the country and individual agreement. Generally, we bundle the pickups to make the process efficient.

Where do I register for the material pickup, and who are the contacts?

Depending on the country, the registration for pickup is either with your Teufelberger contact for a direct pickup or with our partners, such as in Germany with PreZero. The details of better.collect are explained in detail in a personal meeting.

Recycling and Reuse

What happens after the material is collected?

After collecting the material, it is processed by our partner into PET or PP raw material. This external processing step is necessary to control the quality of the raw material. The processing steps include:

Preliminary crushing
Density separation
Friction cleaning
Drying if necessary
Further crushing

Beginning & Ending of the Cycle

How is the quality of the goods ensured that are collected through the recycling program?

Quality assurance begins with the first processing step at our recycling partner. There, possible foreign substances are sorted out, the material is superficially cleaned, and processed into ground material. Once the material arrives at Teufelberger as raw material, it is checked against the requirements and raw material specifications, and then processed.

How is the ground strap material further processed at your company?

The ground strap material is used as a replacement for bottle ground material, with which we close the loop of the strapping bands and ensure that strapping becomes strapping again – “Strap to Strap".

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