A cycle
full of benefits!

Why "thinking in circles" is changing the world.

Every company that takes responsibility wants to save on packaging materials. This is not always easy: packaging cannot be completely ignored, since it protects the goods during shipping. Also, reduction is only possible to a certain degree: too little packaging material can have the opposite effect, leading to more transport damage and increasing resource consumption.

Reusing straps, on the other hand, is not possible on a 1:1 basis due to their material properties like band tension.
This leaves us with one remaining solution: recycling. Ideally, strapping becomes strapping again and not a recyclate used for the production of other plastic products like toys.

From linear to circular economy!

We are used to materials being disposed of and immediately replaced as soon as they are no longer needed. It is time to let go of this way of thinking!
As is true for many things, changing the perspective changes everything: if we see a used product not as waste, but as a valuable raw material, a system full of benefits emerges: our better.collect cycle!
This way, we crucially reduce resource consumption, extend the lifespan of materials, and decrease CO2 emissions!

Strong partners for big goals.

In contrast to linear economy, Circular economy means reusing materials that are in circulation already. To completely close the loop for straps, many gears must interlock. And we achieve this together with strong partners!

Packaging & Shipping.

Tested in our own strapping center, our high-performance bands secure the highest quality packaging solutions. We offer the right PP or PET band for every application. But we think further – beyond the production and sale of our products! They do not end up as waste, but as a valuable raw material…

Collect & Compress.

Strapping can take up valuable storage space as individual bands. As small pieces or pressed bales, they are extremely space-saving and economical. With a band shredder or a band press, compressing is easy. The bands are collected sorted by materials (PP or PET) as bales or in Big-Bags.


We take care of the transport of the shredded bands, whether directly or with the help of our partner network, which is constantly being expanded. We always aim for full transport loads to keep the collection and transportation as ecological as possible!

Recycling & Reuse.

Now the material is processed and washed. Our strapping bands are perfect for recycling: after all, they can be classified as monomaterial due to their composition. PET and PP bands are 100% recyclable!

Beginning & ending of the cycle.

As a valuable raw material, the strapping band comes back to us – and the very best emerges from it: strapping band from Teufelberger!
When all the gears interlock, the circle closes – and opens up new advantages! Over and over again.

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Get the most out of each strap

Find out how to collect strapping the right way and save money, effort and storage space.

Why “thinking in circles” is changing the world

This is how better.collect saves resources and lowers CO2 emissions.

Minimize efforts, maximize benefits

Reach your sustainability goals with our better.collect cycle!

Side by side into a clean future

Together with PreZero we offer the ideal solution to repurpose used straps.

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