Strap to Strap.

Logistics makes
all the difference!

Minimize effort, maximize benefits.

With our better.collect cycle, strapping band becomes new strapping band. This is good for the environment and minimizing effort, costs, as well as resource consumption. However, what sounds simple and requires complex logistics and perfectly cooperating partners.

The good news? We take care of exactly this logistics and the costs behind it! After all, we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to be part of this cycle and achieve their sustainability goals.

Specifically, this means:

Our customers separate the straps by materials (PET or PP), then shred or press to compress them. It’s simple, space-saving, and resource-efficient. We offer a solution tailored to each customer and collect the straps in Big-Bags provided by us.

With our constantly expanding partner network we take care of everything else.

The collected, used strapping bands are picked up and transported, processed with the latest technology at recycling companies, and reintroduced into the cycle as raw material. The cleaner the collection, the more is returned to the cycle.

The first steps have been taken. With the continuous expansion of our partner network and perfected logistics, we can further develop our better.collect cycle with all its benefits.

For a win-win-win situation for everyone:

The collectors win, because they can be sure that the material is processed in the best possible way and they can achieve their environmental goals. We as manufacturer win by not having our straps go to waste. And of course, the environment wins – the most important beneficiary of all!

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Get the most out of each strap

Find out how to collect strapping the right way and save money, effort and storage space.

Why “thinking in circles” is changing the world

This is how better.collect saves resources and lowers CO2 emissions.

Minimize efforts, maximize benefits

Reach your sustainability goals with our better.collect cycle!

Side by side into a clean future

Together with PreZero we offer the ideal solution to repurpose used straps.

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