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Closing the circle
with PreZero.

Side by side into a clean future.

Those who think anew and really want to change something for tomorrow primarily need one thing: a partner who shares these perspectives and goals. And we have found exactly such a partner in PreZero—one of Europe’s leading environmental service providers!

As a waste and recycling specialist, PreZero has been managing the strapping band waste from existing and new customers in Germany for us since 2024. Thanks to more than 120 locations, the material is quickly picked up and centrally collected. The transport from Germany to Austria occurs in regular cycles.

Together we close the strapping band cycle.

Polypropylene and PET strapping bands are collected by PreZero, handed over to the recycling partner, and processed into band granulate. A valuable raw material from which the very best emerges: new strapping band. “Strap to Strap" is the motto—a closed loop full of advantages for everyone.

The Strap to Strap solution perfectly fits PreZero’s vision of “New Thinking for a Clean Tomorrow". The company is part of the international Schwarz Group, which pursues a common sustainability and climate strategy. The efficient circular economy ideally contributes to this.

They are a great partner with great goals, thanks to which we can offer our customers an optimal solution for the collection, disposal, and recycling of strapping bands. Thus, together, a cycle full of benefits is created: for everyone. For tomorrow.

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Side by side into a clean future

Together with PreZero we offer the ideal solution to repurpose used straps.

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